Mandex Cartridge Centre was established over seven years ago with great success in line with an innovative product portfolio and an outstanding after sales service. Mandex Cartridge Centre has become the ultimate choice for refilling cartridges and toners in the industry.

The past has given us a thorough knowledge and the skills to match to provide the best solution to our clients. We have an enthusiastic team with experts ready to share their experience and knowledge to support our customers.

For our corporate customers we have a delivery team which is efficient, fast and convenient to the corporate sector. We provide business services to our corporate clients where our product specialists will visit your premises. All it takes is fixing an appointment. We will examine your printers, print volumes and usage before making our recommendations to help you cut printing costs.

This specialist service is specifically designed to help the corporate sector in cutting down their cost without compromising on quality. In addition we assist in improving the corporate social responsibility of their organization in becoming a cleaner, greener business by preserving the environment.

We do not expect a quick sale when a customer comes to us. We look forward to build a long term relationship. The aim of our organization is to provide the customers with the best option. Our aim is to give our customers an outstanding service without compromising on quality and that at an affordable price.